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Safe and Secured Investments

Summerlin Asset Management is a private real estate 1st trust deed and mortgage note investment company offering a variety of discounted Trust Deed Investment opportunities. We serve clients that are seeking to build a conservative portfolio of passive-income investments secured by real property.

Investment Philosophy - Summerlin seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through investments in collateralized first position mortgages. Our management team executes this strategy by combining sophisticated valuation analysis, pricing discipline, and professional mortgage workout solutions that benefit the borrower and Summerlin.

Our clients receive the opportunity to invest in high-yielding investments that are well-secured by valuable real estate and other assets. Summerlin Asset Management knows that preservation of capital is paramount. Therefore, we employ an intelligent and disciplined approach to due diligence and risk management when making mortgage note acquisitions. At Summerlin, we service each transaction for our investors and are dedicated to complete operational transparency. We also provide free investor education related to the types of investments that we pursue. All 1st trust deed mortgage note purchases are designed to produce double-digit returns, with the safety of our investors principal as our number one concern. Summerlin offers investors an equitable joint venture purchase opportunity allowing you to invest with our company. Summerlin will fund approximately 50% of an acquired mortgage pool, and allow investors to own a percentage in each note in that pool. Two federal banks govern the purchase, sale, and disposition of each note. Firstly, BOFI Federal Bank (NASDAQ: BOFI) will lend Summerlin money for the transaction and US Bank will be the legal custodian of the original documents. Both banks confirm Summerlin's property valuations, underwriting, title insurance, assignments, and all collateral documents.  This provides all parties full transparency and governance.

Summerlin Asset Management delivers an equitable solution to banks, borrowers, and investors in the distressed residential mortgage market. In doing so, Summerlin provides full disclosure to its investors and employs a research-driven approach to the asset valuation, acquisition, compliance, and due diligence process on every project.

Our management team has been actively participating in the distressed real estate mortgage industry for the last 6 years. In concert with our network of banks, realtors, appraisers, and legal counsel, Summerlin has developed a sound understanding of the industry processes including references from past transactions

Summerlin Asset Management is committed to providing a mutually beneficial solution in today’s Distressed Real Estate Marketplace. We have designed streamlined processes for our acquisitions, asset management, and homeownership retention programs. After we acquire a mortgage note, we offer home owners several options so borrowers can retain their homes and successfully continue down the path of homeownership.

Understanding the business of Banking

Banks make money when customers deposit money into their bank. The bank will then invest a significant amount of your money into 1st trust deed mortgage notes. Now SAM investors have an opportunity to make the same investment at a significant discount because real estate prices have dropped dramatically and note holders are willing to sell at discounted prices.

 Insurance companies offer annuities that yield 5-6 percent and they also take customer deposits and buy 1st trust deeds. SAM wants to educate investors so the private sector can hold the same investment products that the largest corporations in the world buy. SAM buys discounted 1st trust deed's  with a loan to value of 65 percent or less. Therefore if today’s property value is $100k we will buy the mortgage note for no more than $65k with a yield of 11-18 percent.